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The interest of investing in art and the general “boom” of the art market in recent decades has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of fakes. Many of these forgeries are very sophisticated and cannot be recognized by the layman with the naked eye. Noah Charney introduces his book “The Art of Forgery” with the motto: “Don’t always believe what you see.”

The art historians involved in the TRINITY project work with procedures comparable to those of detectives, because in the practice of connoisseurship, things are usually complex and, in a way, unique.

The art historians involved in the TRINITY project are top experts in their specializations, who have many years of experience and knowledge of the art market. They use empirical and historical methods such as formal analytical characteristics, comparative analysis (identification of works of art by comparative methods of style, subject matter, temporal aspects and other common features), heuristics and criticism of source materials. Subjective intuition and experience is also of top priority, whereby historians can benefit from the large amount of comparative material accumulated over their years of practice in their specially trained visual memory.

Our experts for this specialization

Trinity Art Research brings together restorers, art historians and material research specialists to make highly qualified assessments of the authenticity of works of art. We believe that these three disciplines and their interconnection within the field of art studies provide guidance for questionable cases of authorship, provenance and authenticity.

Complex cases of authenticity require thorough research by means of archival study, a range of technical photography, material analysis and also comparisons of the painter’s practices. The result of our work is a full report concluding our expert opinions. The singular components of this report determine the overall construction of the painting and its creation within the timeline of the artist’s work.

The high qualification of each of our professionals guarantees perfect insight into individual specializations, while interdisciplinary cooperation also guarantees reliable identification of a specific work of art.


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