A conservator’s perspective entails many detailed aspects, some of these include: the artist’s hand, natural aging of materials, craquelure, working habits of the artist, properties of the paint, types of stretchers/paper supports/canvases, history of conservation treatments, artistic ingenuity (or mediocrity?), findings held on the reverse of paintings (labels, stamps etc.), and much more….

It is highly desirable to apply the expert eye gained during years of restoration practice to in-depth investigations of artworks, leading to an assessment of whether we are dealing with an original or a forgery.

The visual encounter is the initial judgement followed by standard imaging techniques such as UV imaging, IR reflectography, X-radiograph. At the same time, material analysis of paint samples taken from the artwork is sent to the laboratory.

Which methods qualify for each particular case?  …is the artwork of top quality that it is  suitable for the work of a team of experts? The restorer addresses these questions after you ask, “Could you take a look at it?”

Our experts for this specialization

Trinity Art Research brings together restorers, art historians and material research specialists to make highly qualified assessments of the authenticity of works of art. We believe that these three disciplines and their interconnection within the field of art studies provide guidance for questionable cases of authorship, provenance and authenticity.

Complex cases of authenticity require thorough research by means of archival study, a range of technical photography, material analysis and also comparisons of the painter’s practices. The result of our work is a full report concluding our expert opinions. The singular components of this report determine the overall construction of the painting and its creation within the timeline of the artist’s work.

The high qualification of each of our professionals guarantees perfect insight into individual specializations, while interdisciplinary cooperation also guarantees reliable identification of a specific work of art.


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